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Traineeships combine practical work experience with structured workplace training.

Working with Employers and the Australian Apprenticeship Centres, AMPT Services will create an exceptional learning experience for trainees.



  • Develop a safer, highly skilled workforce
  • Receive federal government funding to support training in the workplace
  • Use the Traineeship as part of a staff development and retention strategy
  • Create a culture of continuous development within the organisation



  • Opportunity to gain a nationally accredited qualification
  • Receive structured Nationally certified training
  • Build on the skills and knowledge already gained through previous training opportunities
  • Have your current skills and experience recognised with a formal qualification



Trainees sign a formal training contract with their employer, an Australian Apprenticeship Centre and a Registered Training Organisation such as AMPT Services


AMPT Services provide the following services:

  • Work with the employer and trainee to develop a suitable Training Plan, including the appropriate units and negotiating times and methods of delivery
  • Assess and, if appropriate, recognise trainees existing skills against the selected units. Deliver and assess training and/or enter into a partnering agreement with the Employer to allow qualified site trainers and assessors to perform this task
  • Provide mentoring and support to the trainee and employer throughout the process
  • Issue nationally recognised qualifications on successful completion of all training and assessment


AMPT Services can deliver training and assessment on the job at the employers workplace.  Training already completed prior to registration on the traineeship program will be recognised, meaning that units already completed will be credited and the trainee will not have to repeat those units.  Previous workplace learning can also be recognised in a process known as Recognition of Prior Learning.



AMPT Services deliver traineeships to the mining and drilling industries in every state of Australia . Traineeships combine practical experience in the workplace with structured training delivered by a qualified trainer.


Traineeships currently on offer with AMPT Services are:

  • RII20415 Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining Operations
  • RII30315 Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining Operations
  • RII20915 Certificate II in Drilling Operations
  • RII31815 Certificate III in Drilling Operations
  • RII40915 Certificate IV in Drilling Operations


AMPT Services Business Manager will work with each employer to maximise funding opportunities. Some funding that is currently available includes:

  • An employer of a trainee may receive State/Commonwealth Incentive payments for every approved Traineeship.


Jobs and Skills WA is the way the State Government, through the Department, prioritises it's investment in training to focus on courses that equip people to take up jobs that are, or will be in high demand.


As the WA economy grows and diversifies, the outlook for jobs is constantly changing. Priorities include apprenticeships, eligible traineeships and priority industry qualifications. 


The State Government has implemented Job and Skills WA to ensure that people gain skills that lead to employment in areas required by industry.


To do this, Job and Skills WA provides a guaranteed, subsidised training place for eligible students enrolled in courses that are deemed State Priority qualifications, where a training place is available.


All Jobs and Skills WA courses are heavily subsidised by the Government of Western Australia



Fees and charges are payable and will be determined based on the employer's requirements.



For further information or to discuss any questions you might have please call AMPT Services Business Manager on (+61) 8 95834918.