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We design training courses to suit your company specific requirements and location that align to Australian National Training Standards.


AMPT Services are approved to deliver traineeship programs in most states of Australia through Various government funded training initiatives.


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RII50620 Diploma of Drilling Operations

Diploma of Drilling Operations is an advanced course designed for senior drilling personnel. This course would ideally suit area Supervisors or Drilling managers. Suitable units must be chosen dependent on the drilling discipline you are pursuing.

Skills gained whilst studying Diploma of Drilling Operations would include:

  • Manage quality customer service
  • Manage operational plan
  • Ensure team effectiveness
  • Ensure a safe workplace
  • Implement and maintain environmental management plan
  • Identify, implement and maintain legal compliance requirements
  • Plan drilling
  • Implement and maintain management systems to control risks
  • Implement,monitor,rectify and report on contracts
  • Manage general drilling equipment maintenance
  • Plan and supervise the mobilisation of equipment, crew and materials
  • Supervise geotechnical drilling operations
  • Supervise mineral exploration drilling operations
  • Supervise seismic drilling operations 
  • Supervise water well drilling operations
  • Supervise foundation drilling operations 
  • Supervise horizontal directional drilling operations
  • Supervise environmental drilling operations
  • Supervise mineral production and development drilling operations 
  • Supervise surface directional drilling operations 
  • Construct artesian (flowing) aquifer production bores
  • Construct geothermal wells
  • Supervise underground in-seam directional drilling operations