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We design training courses to suit your company specific requirements and location that align to Australian National Training Standards.


AMPT Services are approved to deliver traineeship programs in most states of Australia through Various government funded training initiatives.


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Underground Shotfiring

AMPT Services is approved by the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver Shotfiring courses for Underground Mining operations in Western Australia.


Our underground specific Shotfiring course is designed to keep personnel safe and to comply with the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) legislation. Successful completion of both theory and practical examinations will allow the participant to apply for a Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum Shotfirers License. The underground Shotfiring course is run for 4 full days including a practical component in the workplace.

The course is based on the National Competency and covers the following topics:

  • State Acts and Regulations
  • Australian Standard 2187
  • Dangerous Goods act
  • Basic principles of Explosives
  • Safely handling of Explosives
  • Explosive Storage
  • Use of Explosives
  • Responsibilities of the Shotfirer
  • Transport of Explosives
  • Nonel tube, Detonating cord
  • Development Charging
  • Production Charging
  • Delay firing
  • Initiation Systems
  • Initiation the shot
  • Deteriorated explosives
  • Causes of premature explosions
  • Misfires


  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Workplace experience
  • Dangerous Goods Security Clearance card 


  • All personnel that are required to use or assist with the use of explosives in the underground mine.
  • Engineers / Magazine Keepers needing to know the required legislation to competently store explosives on site.


AMPT Services has a flexible arrangement when it comes to delivery. Courses can be run on site or in Mandurah/ Perth, the practical must be completed on site.


Refresher Shotfiring Training is a requirement for the renewal of the Western Australian Shotfiring License.

Refresher training requires a knowledge assessment as well as a practical assessment to ensure the candidate is currently competent. Additional areas are included to assist you to maintain current skills and knowledge and to risk manage your explosive related activities.